Navigator® Alternative

Navigate the Markets with Liquid Alternatives

Investors seeking the benefits of a broadly diversified portfolio may benefit from the addition of targeted alternative assets to their investment allocation. Navigator Alternative provides a core and explore approach to portfolio management, seeking both alpha generation and risk reduction.
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Provide Meaningful Diversification

Seek to achieve a greater level of diversification than is possible in a traditional stock and bond portfolio

One of the basic tenets of investing is to spread out portfolio risk by diversifying investments across multiple asset classes. This strategy can add low-correlated assets to an existing portfolio.

Take a Disciplined Approach to Risk Reduction

Aims to increase the risk adjusted return of the entire portfolio

The core portion of the portfolio is focused on alternative strategies which emphasize risk-adjusted returns and lower volatility compared to traditional broad-based equity indices.

Pursue Opportunity in All Market Environments

Incorporate non-correlated asset classes into the broader portfolio

The explore portion of the strategy seeks to provide targeted, opportunistic exposure and seeks alpha generation.

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